"My Book of the Month pick: "Into the Roaring Fork" written by UC alum Jeff Howe '85. It's a masterful thriller that chronicles the life of a Middlebury College graduate who gets into trouble in Aspen. It illustrates the fine line between being on the right or wrong side of the law, and the soul searching that occurs when one is in trouble. It's one of those books you will not be able to put down once you start reading. I recommend the book for all University of Cincinnati alums. Howe graduated from UC in 1985."- Santa J. Ono, President, University of Cincinnati





"In Jeff Howe’s new novel, Into the Roaring Fork, the carefree entry into ski bumhood prompts an unexpected tale of suspense."
- Vail Daily




“Written in clipped, no-frills sentences with a breathless plot that deftly fills in backstory as it propels itself forward, Into the Roaring Fork is a page-turner." - Aspen Times




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"Jeff Howe's Into the Roaring Fork is a literary, character-fueled thriller. Most impressive to me, however, is the level at which Howe understands the American West. His topographies draw a map to grand beauty and consequence. This is a remarkable debut."
- Jon Billman, Contributing Editor, Outside Magazine



"With his first book, Howe personally relates to life as a ski bum in his novel Into the Roaring Fork. Set in Aspen in 1985, the book is an unexpected tale of suspense and mystery in the local backcountry." -Steamboat Today



"In Jeff Howe's new book, Into the Roaring Fork, two Middlebury College grads take up ski bum jobs in Colorado but veer off onto a path that leads them into the darkness of the Rocky Mountains." -Addison Independent


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"I just finished reading Into the Roaring Fork and I enjoyed the book. It is a rattling good story. Our two years in Utah and many visits to the Wasatch Front added texture to my reading experience." - Nick Clooney (father of George Clooney)



"A Cincinnati native is garnering some national attention for his first novel, Into the Roaring Fork. Jeff Howe’s suspense thriller is being called a page-turner by reviewers" - Cincinnati Enquirer



"Into the Roaring Fork captures the beauty and wonder of the Rocky Mountains and makes readers feel a part of the adventure. It is a thrilling story filled with love and deception that keeps readers on the edge of their seats.” - Crested Butte News



"A suspenseful tale of ski bums and drugs in 1980s Aspen.” - Summit Daily News




“If you're into stuff by names like Patterson, Child or Connelly, then you will likely enjoy what Howe brings to the table. Into the Roaring Fork lacks the uber-badass lead character that some of the authors I mention tend to lean on to drive their action, but Howe is still going for that taut, stripped-down, breathless rollercoaster ride from the opening page until it all wraps up. He succeeds in many ways. Howe does a great job moving the story forward. He frequently builds to a chapter-ending cliffhanger, then deftly takes us to a flashback to fill in backstory. This doesn't distract from anything because the interludes never feel like mere information dumps. They keep the pages turning and provide insights into the characters. Aspen, and its surrounding wilderness, serves not only as a setting wonderfully captured by Howe in his prose, but also a sort of character. The challenges posed by the environment become hurdles that must be overcome to avert looming personal catastrophe, no less so than gun-toting kidnappers and cocaine thugs. ” – Missoula Independent




"Outdoorsman Jeff Howe's literary thriller follows East Coast Native Alex Cavanaugh on his move to the wide-open west. Settling in Aspen, his optimism turns into a nightmare when he becomes involved in a minor criminal enterprise.” - Boulder Daily Camera



"Compact chapters, along with multiple storylines that race through memorable scenery, certainly help aid Howe’s goal of writing a page-turner.” - Petoskey News

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"Howe writes from the perspective of the main character, Alex Cavanaugh, a recent graduate set out for Aspen. Cavanaugh, however, finds himself traveling deeper into the dark and dangerous pathways of not only the mountains but also life itself. Life adventures made into a suspenseful fiction novel.” - UC Magazine

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"Into the Roaring Fork by Jeff Howe is a taut, fast-paced tale that’s remarkably good for a first novel.” - Lansing State Journal

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"Part of the appeal of being a writer is a chance to expose your readers to the lives of others for a while, whether through created characters or real-life subjects. We’re giving local and visiting writers a chance to share their own stories in First Draft, with questions about their start in writing, their style and more. This week, let’s learn about Jeff Howe” - NWF Daily News

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"Into the Roaring Fork is an epic thriller.” - Syracuse Post-Standard

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"Into the Roaring Fork has the promise of a quality writer with stories to tell. Read it!"– Lincoln Journal Star

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